# Commands

Here's a list of some useful commands that you can found on my stream, a list of all commands can be found here (opens new window).

# Anime

Gives you a random anime to watch.

Wedzy_: !anime
WedzyBot: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2 - Rank: 333 - Score: 7.99 - Episodes: 12 - Aired on Oct 2011 to Dec 2011 - URL: https://waa.ai/Jzoz

# Character Info

Return some informations about a specific character.

Wedzy_: !charinfo Minutz
WedzyBot: Character: Minutz - Level: 1687 - Vocation: Elder Druid - World: Belobra - Guild: Rangers

# Clip [Sub Only]

Automatically create a channel clip.

# Exp to Level

Return the required experience from level X to Y, if Y is not specified it's X+1.

Wedzy_: !explevel 1000
WedzyBot: You need 49,850,200 to advance from level 1000 to 1001.

Wedzy_: !explevel 200 400
WedzyBot: You need 921,390,000 to advance from level 200 to 400.

# Guild Info

Return some informations about a specific guild.

Wedzy_: !guildinfo Rangers
WedzyBot: Rangers (World: Belobra - Avg Level: 841) has 20/98 members online right now. This guild was founded on Nov 04 2019.

# Otakoins

Return how many otakoins you have!

# World Info

Return some informations about a specific world.

Wedzy_: !worldinfo Belobra
WedzyBot: Belobra (Optional PvP) was created on 12/16. Online record: 1050 on May 04 2020, 02:14:31 CEST. There are currently 321 players online.
Last Updated: 1/28/2021, 9:56:10 PM